How to Become a Member of the Therapy Canada Network

Over the past 6 years the Toronto Therapy Network has become the largest self-referral source, service and network for Toronto Ontario and the surrounding GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Now we have expanded to serve other cities in Canada.

If you are interested, be sure to read this entire page first. Membership is not automatic, as we are consciously creating an integrated network of services.

Interested in joining us?

We welcome well-trained practitioners, especially those working within the broad psychodynamic orientation, practice specialties, other working languages, and cultural backgrounds reflective of Canadian diversity.

Independent Private Practices

All our members operate as independent practitioners. They are not managed nor supervised by the network or by Pragmos Consulting, the site owner.

Psychodynamic Orientation

Most of our members work within the broad psychodynamic modality because of its effectiveness. We ourselves have successfully undergone psychodynamic therapies and understand the enduring value of this original approach to being human.

Many of us have therapy specialties; see them here.

While we are broadly psychodynamic some of us may use CBT and related methods within our practices when relevant.

A Non-Denominational, Neutral and Secular Approach

We do not impose our personal values on clients and maintain a professional, accepting, non-judgemental approach to our clients within the limits imposed by law. We do not interfere with belief systems, including religious creeds, and remain neutral to matters of politics and 'lifestyle' except when it clearly threatens the well-being of the client and the relationships in which the client is involved.

Code of Ethics

We agree to adhere to a Code of Ethics posted publicly on the site as a condition of remaining in good standing as members of the site.

Personal Therapy Experience

An essential requirement is a sufficient history of personal therapy and professional supervision. This will of course vary for each member to some degree.

Appropriate Training and Education

Members must have attained a level of requisite skills, attitudes, training and education sufficient to gain admission to any college or agency with regulatory power over psychotherapy in the province in which they work and live.

Professional Affiliation

All members must be in good standing as members of a recognized professional organizations for psychotherapists and psychotherapy.

Professional Development

Members must be engaged in their own ongoing professional development. Their learning activities will be posted on separate pages linked to their main profile after they join and on separate Professional Development listing pages.

Essays and Articles

Many of our members will be posting essays and articles related to therapy on separate pages linked to their profiles. Prospective clients will gain a better sense of the therapist's approach.

Free Consultations

Choosing to enter therapy is a potentially life-changing decision and we wish to support those seeking to learn and make the right choice. All members agree to provide a free consultation to any client seeking one, and to refer within the network where another therapist is the best choice.


Many of our members offer a sliding fee-scale to accomodate the needs of their clients.

Professional Liability Insurance

All members must have current and valid professional liability insurance.

Life Experience

When the psychological 'fit' is good, therapy works best. We value breadth and depth.

We admit a wide range of well-trained psychotherapists. They are able to provide the blend of therapy skills, life skills and professionalism that will most help clients with their personal issues.

The Interview Process

We interview all applicants personally, either in person or using Skype or a similar service like iChat, to ensure that expectations are clear and that the abilities of the applicant are relevant to the network. This is not a competency assessment.

We regard this meeting as a mutual process, and welcome all questions and concerns.

About Network Membership Costs

The site is fully funded by its members, which naturally affects our fee structure. We do not accept advertising by non-members nor by commercial interests. All members pay fees.

Once it is clear that the goals and qualifications of an applicant are congruent with what the site offers, we provide full details on the financial aspects of the site.

Getting Started

Please write to with your updated CV or resume (either in .doc or .rtf format please), including details of your academic and professional studies, your own personal therapy experience, your office location and specialties, and your reasons for wishing to join us.

We will reply with further details about the application process.

Our Privacy Policy will apply to your inquiry.